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Private Enterprises Joint Pavilion Viewing
Release Date:2010-09-12  Views:11172 times

Johsun Tec Electrical is within Top 300 China Enterprises in power industrial field in Private Enterprises Joint Pavilion of Expo 2010 Shanghai. 

The Private Enterprises Joint Pavilion is undertaken by a group of well-known private Chinese businesses. Taking insights from the structure of cells, the structure of the pavilion resembles an organic combination of cells, thanks to its curved design that radiates with rich colors and expressive displays, which differs from the linear design normally adopted by buildings made of steel and glass. The pavilion consists of 19.5 cylinders, with varied heights and a fluid line design for the exterior outline.

For the first time, external wall adopts intelligent light-reflective aluminum membranes on its facade, which helps create varying visual effects in line with its changing angles and differing positions of sun lighting. In the evening, the whole pavilion will take on an illuminating and splendid look with the help of videos, images, lighting, stereo equipment, and unique performances.


The design of the whole pavilion follows the concept of vitality. It uses cutting-edge technologies to depict touching stories related to the growth of private enterprises in China, also exhibiting the multiplying the effect arising from the interaction among these companies. This highlights the prowess of private Chinese businesses.

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